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Improve your English!

We are dedicated to helping you improve your English as much as possible while you are in England.


We accept all levels from Elementary to Advanced (but not beginners, sorry). We recommend our 1:1 Full-immersion courses for beginners.

Please let us know your level on your enrolment form. We will send you a link to take a level test on your smartphone just before the course starts, so that we can allocate you to a class before you arrive, and avoid wasting time!

The teaching programme

We know that at home you study a lot of grammar and that when you come to England you want to improve your vocabulary, listening and speaking. Our teaching programme is designed around those needs.




Build your vocab! – expand your range of words and expressions in different topic areas, to help with your fluency

Talks and presentations – the teacher and students choose topics and prepare presentations followed by discussion.

Wild card! Something different every day – maybe a story, a mini-drama, quiz…

There is a maximum of 15 students in each class and a range of levels and you will also be divided by age group as far as possible: Juniors 11-14 | Students 15-17 | Young adults 18-21


All of our teachers are qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language. They are recruited and managed by our Director of Studies.


You will receive a Certificate of Attendance by email after the course

Go home with much better English!

We are sure that by participating in lessons, chatting to your host family, and getting to know other people in Petersfield through our "meet the people" activities, you will go home proud of your improved English!

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