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A very special course!

The Leaders Factory is not a typical English course!

The medium of the course is English, but you will improve your language skills along with your background knowledge through exploring different professional areas. As a young person with already good English you are considering your professional options.

TLF will help you improve your professional English while developing expertise and knowledge in different areas so that you can choose the best career.

On the first day, you will go through a detailed pre-assessment so that we can measure the progress you make from start to finish - the "added value"

Each day, from 0900-1300 (with short breaks), you will have sessions with experts in areas such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Starting a business
  • "The Brand"
  • Digital marketing
  • Gaining entrance to universities in the UK, US, Canada etc


These days professionals are nearly all required to speak in public in different contexts: conferences, press conferences, meetings, seminars, presentations... The power of the spoken word delivered by a real person is still very great.

We will help you develop your public-speaking skills by giving you guidance and practice (with feedback) in this area.

Work Experience

On 5 afternoons each week, you will take part in work experience in a range of local businesses. This will help you improve your commercial English and give you extra contact with native-speakers.

Professional visits

One afternoon each week, you will visit a local business to learn how it operates, and to ask questions of the owners/directors.

Coaching and mentoring

Throughout the course, you will enjoy coaching and mentoring on an individual or small-group basis. We want to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, treating you as the special individual you are, and helping you "map out" your future life and career.

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