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Work Experience!

You can take part in our popular Work Experience scheme if you come to study for 3 hours per day for two weeks (minimum) and are aged 16-35. We will find you a part-time (usually afternoon) job in which you will have the opportunity to improve your English fluency, get to know more English people and gain valuable experience. The work is unpaid.

We offer 2 types of Work Experience: General and Specialist

Both include our “mentoring” service, whereby our Work Experience Coordinator spends time with you discussing your placement and resolving problems by speaking directly to the person responsible for you at the place of work. We will need your CV in English plus a photo at least 3 weeks before arrival before we can confirm the work experience. A phone or email interview may also be requested.

We charge an administration fee for the Work Experience service:

1-2 weeks

3+ weeks

Work Experience (General)



Work Experience (Specialist)



General Work Experience

(if you want to gain general experience working in English)

Work in a general job, for example in a cafe, shop, office.

Age range: 16-35

Minimum stay: 2 weeks

Minimum English level required: Intermediate

Mentoring: One meeting - plus email contact throughout your stay.

Specialist Work Experience

(if you have a strong interest in a particular field)

Work in a junior role in one of the following specialist environments:

Accountancy/Actuarial, Agricultural, Architecture, Beauty/hair, Catering/hospitality – eg restaurant work, Dentistry, Engineering, Journalism, Law, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Medical, Museums/Archaeology, Photography, Veterinary.

Age range: 18-35

Minimum stay: 3 weeks

Minimum English level required: Intermediate+

Mentoring: Two meetings - plus email contact throughout your stay.

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